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Last updated: 9/2/2021
These programs were originally written in C for Linux systems. Changes have been made to some source files and all Makefile files, but most of the documentation has not been altered since it applies just as well to BSD. Originals of all can be found at the Centaur Software page.
The programs below are known to compile on OpenBSD version 6.9 [amd64] using gcc version 4.2.1. The MD4 algorithm is used for hashing files of the BSD version of each program, and lz4 has been used to compress the tar archives instead of gz.
beep | binseq | cbx | ctfc | ctfs | md4 | md5 | md5cmp | night | quest | rewrap | utils
BSD Programs
VersionNameDescriptionDocumentationSource FilesDownloadMD4 Hash
1.0Terminal File ClientTerminal client for Centaur Terminal File Server./ctfc Download
(6 KB)
1.0Terminal File ServerTerminal based non-binary file server./ctfs Download
(6 KB)
1.21Centaur UtilitiesA collection of 26 UNIX shell utilities./utils Download
(27 KB)
1.1Centaur MD4MD4 utility for files, checksum files and strings./md4 Download
(6 KB)
1.1CheckbookCommand line checkbook utility./cbx Download
(8 KB)
2.0MD5 CompareCompare single files against a given MD5 hash or process checksum files./md5cmp Download
(6 KB)
2.0Binary Sequence ConverterTwo-way conversion for strings and 8-bit sequences; can operate on files./binseq Download
(7 KB)
2.0Centaur MD5Simplified MD5 checksum for files and strings./md5 Download
(5 KB)
1.3System BeepGenerate a beep on the server machine./beep Download
(3 KB)
1.4NightAdd color and other stylization to terminals with simple color codes./night Download
(7 KB)
1.2Quest Item GeneratorGenerate item and monster scripts for QuestCore2 game databases./quest Download
(15 KB)
1.4ReWrApRead, Write, Append./rewrap Download
(4 KB)