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C programs for Linux
Last updated: 12/3/2020
The contents of this page can also be found at centel.cc
VersionNameDescriptionDocumentationSource FilesDownloadMD5 Hash
1.1Centaur MD4MD4 utility for files, checksum files and strings./md4 Download (5 KB)1e8207e36dbe3b29a1b0abc4c1f244a3
1.3ChirpGenerate customized tones through the PC speaker./chirp Download (8 KB)7667e6ba9bc83e39736e875ac117c937
2.0Makefile GeneratorGenerate Makefiles for C programs with minimal user input./makegen Download (8 KB)99930862bb063701d862ec7cee68b6fe
1.1CheckbookCommand line checkbook utility./cbx Download (6 KB)f3ec87d0291dc27574177d99cdbc869f
2.0MD5 CompareCompare single files against a given MD5 hash or process checksum files./md5cmp Download (5 KB)f93bfd394feaef3c9bcc3b8793f84d4d
1.2Binary Sequence ConverterTwo-way conversion for strings and 8-bit sequences; can operate on files./binseq Download (6 KB)cb90f7b7c705198e769e30414ab02d8c
2.0Centaur MD5Simplified MD5 checksum for files and strings./md5 Download (4 KB)20a8ce531bf2cd89b0759f8cc71fbc27
1.2System BeepGenerate a beep on a physical machine./beep Download (2 KB)7687077d255b1f74d15808180115014e
1.2NightAdd color and other stylization to terminals with simple color codes./night Download (4 KB)9bfa2e818c698d00590d25f9da496be8
1.1Quest Item GeneratorGenerate item and monster scripts for QuestCore2 game databases./quest Download (11 KB)2496b99e9dc23c4bc4ab28243e5991c1
1.4ReWrApRead, Write, Append./rewrap Download (3 KB)2e292e412ff868e760f353d5519758c6

Windows Programs
Pre-compiled programs including source code, documentation and required DLL.
VersionProgramDownloadSizeMD5 Hash
1.1Quest Item Generatorquest-item-gen-1.1-win32.zip1.28 MB9025d73bba2e52ab60389788b2ea0740