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QuestCore2 is a LambdaMOO database based on RPGCore for creating an adventure RPG MUD. The manual provided is for the first QuestCore; it is still relevant but QuestCore2 has some additional features.

The QuestCore Item Generator is a Linux console program for quickly and easily creating weapons, ammunition, armor, food, and monsters. It creates script files which can be viewed, edited, and even directly read into the game server.

QuestCore Script Generator for Windows is a more powerful script creator that includes a full-featured GUI, internal script editor, the ability to generate Oracle scripts, and much more. For a more complete list of features, see the documentation.

QuestCore2 & Utilities
SystemNameDocumentationDownloadMD5 Hash
QuestCore2 Database Download
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QuestCore2 Item Generator Download
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QuestCore Script Generator 2.01 Download
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To apply a patch, copy and paste its contents into the client window and press Enter.

NOTE: You must be logged in to an account with wizard permissions.

ID NumberDescriptionGet
001Fixes a bug in the code for the @kgen command.View / Download