Angel Quest Player's Guide

Updated March 15, 2020
Jon S.


Players always begin the game with 32 gold.

Angel Quest uses the QuestCore2 database, a heavy modification of RPGCore.

QuestCore2 includes the following features in addition to those of RPGCore:

Integrated ANSI color
* New character generator
* Unique races and classes
* New advancement system
* Improved combat system
* PKILL system
* Magic spells
* Optional minimap


From in-game 'help races':


* Humans begin with 2 more Starting Points than the other races, which begin with 3.


From in-game 'help classes':

WarriorBegins with 3.0 Combat
Blue MageCan cast: Knowledge, Heal, Enchantment, Sleep, Power, Speed, Escape, Pacifism
Red MageCan cast: Knowledge, Enchantment, Sleep, Fear, Power, Speed, Magic Missile, Death
AlchemistCan convert items to gold or bonus points

The Mage's spells and alchemist's ability will be discussed below, after Basic Commands.


Square brackets [ ] indicate optional command line arguments. Parentheses ( ) indicate a required argument.
Many commands can be shortened; this is indicated by / in such listings.

GENERAL - look, examine, compass (or 'm'), @map, remember, @remembered, know, @knowledge, @forget, help

look/l [any] - Look at [any], or inside the room generally with no argument. Can be used on monsters to see their health.
exam/ex (any) - Examine (any); i.e. show extra information, including verbs (actions) for that object.
compass/m - Displays the minimap for the current location.
@map (on|off) - Turns the automatic minimap on or off. Default: off
remember (obj) as (name) - Names of players and NPCs are not automatically known. You can remember a person or NPC by any name.
@remembered - Displays a list of names of people you have remembered.
know/journal [any] - Commits [any], or text entered at the prompt, to memory. See below.
@knowledge/@know - Displays everything in your personal journal; i.e. 'know' entries and information gathered from Knowledge spells.
@forget - Clears your personal journal. NOTE: Players may also @edit the .knowledge property on themselves.
help [any] - Find help on just about anything related to the game or server.

CHARACTER - @stats, @kills, @info, @pkill, @advance, @boost, @sethome, @infobar, @reset

@stats - Displays detailed character information, including wielded weapon and worn armor.
@kills - Displays your killcount.
@info - Displays basic character information.
@pkill (on) - Turns your PKILL setting to ON, allowing you to fight other players and vice-versa. Default: off
@advance/@adv (ability) - Advances given ability (STR, DEX, INT, HEA, or COM) one full point.
@boost (ability) to (value|max) - Use bonus points to boost abilities. (Not recommended for use with Combat.)
@sethome - Sets your home to current location, only if it is marked [Inhabitable] or belongs to you.
@infobar (on|off) - Turns the information bar on or off. Default: on
@reset - Resets all of your character's progress and sends you back through the character creation process.

SOCIAL - say, emote, whisper, @social

say/" (any) - Say something. It will be seen by everyone in the same room.
emote/: (any) - Like say, but is used to indicate an action.
whisper (any) to (any) - Say something to a person in the same room as you which only they can hear.
@social - Displays a list of social verbs understood as commands.

INVENTORY - inv, gold, take, drop, wield, wear

inv/i - Displays your inventory
@gold - Displays your gold.
take/t (any) - Take an object.
drop/dr (any) - Drop an object.
wield (any) - Wield a weapon. Only one weapon may be wielded at a time.
wear/hold (any) - Wear armor or hold a shield.

COMBAT - b, attack (or simply 'a'), @enemies

b - Battle the nearest monster.
attack/a (any) - Attack an enemy one time.
@enemies/@en - Displays a list of monsters in the room, or nothing if there are none.

MOVEMENT - n, s, e, w, nw, ne, sw, se, u, d


From in-game 'help mages':

The Blue Mage and Red Mage may cast spells innately, if they meet that spell's requirements,
and they have not exceeded their maximum spells per half-day. This counter is automatically
reset to 0 every 12 hours. A spell is only counted if the cast was successful.

A Mage's maximum spells per half-day is equal to the integer value of his INT ability.

Blue Mage spells: $know, $enchant, $sleep, $power, $speed, $heal, $escape, $pacifism

Red Mage spells: $know, $enchant, $sleep, $power, $speed, $fear, $missile, $death

Both Blue and Red Mages may cast Knowledge, Enchantment, and Sleep and at any level. Blue Mages
may also cast Healing at any level.

Both may cast Power and Speed begininng at level 5.

Blue Mages may cast Escape beginning at level 10.

Red Mages may cast Magic Missile beginning at level 10.

Blue Mages may cast Pacifism beginning at level 15.

Red Mages may cast Death beginning at level 20.


From in-game 'help magic':

Red Mages and Blue Mages have the ability to cast spells innately.

Magic spells can also be cast from one of three types of items: Scroll, Book, or Tome.
Items containing magic spells may be cast by anyone.

A Scroll may be cast from a single time, then it destroys itself.
A Book may be cast from ten times, then it destroys itself.
A Tome may be cast from an unlimited number of times; it does not destroy itself.

The target of any spell must be in the same room as the caster.

From in-game 'help casting':

Mages use the $ command to cast innate spells.

Syntax: $(spell) (target) [no space between $ and (spell)]

Note: The $ command does not require and cannot take the 'on' preposition needed for magic items.

Examples: $heal me
$enchant spear
$death zombie

To cast a spell from an item, use the cast command.

Syntax: cast (item-name) on (target)

If you are carrying multiple magic items, it may be necessary to specify (item-name) further, e.g. you are
carrying a Tome of Knowledge and a Tome of Healing and you want to cast Healing on an elf friend, type:
cast tome of heal on elf


From in-game 'help spells':

Spell NameINTDescription
Knowledge11.0Learn detailed information about target enemy or item*
Healing11.0Target gains up to 10.0 health
Enchantment11.0Add permanent +1.0 to weapon or armor
Sleep11.0Target becomes unconscious for 45 seconds
Escape12.0Teleport to your home+
Fear12.0Target flees in random direction*
Power13.0Target gains +4 Strength for 3 minutes
Speed13.0Target gains +4 Dexterity for 3 minutes
Pacifism14.0Target's combat skill reduced to 0 for 2 minutes*
Magic Missile14.0Deal 50 damage to one target instantly
Death16.0Kill target instantly*

* Cannot be cast on a player.
+ Can only be cast on oneself; i.e. no target is required.

For Mages, the respective commands for innate casting of these spells are:

$know, $heal, $enchant, $sleep, $escape, $fear, $power, $speed, $pacify, $missile, $death


Vendors are machines which sell items. You can look at what is for sale in vendor by looking at it.
Crushers are machines which destroy weapons and armor and issue gold to the player in the amount of half its value.

BUYING (Vendors)

To purchase something from a vendor, press the button on it corresponding to the desired item. E.g. press 1 on weapon
The item will be dispensed onto the ground and you must take it.


To destroy an item and receive half its value in gold, put the item in the crusher. E.g. put first dagger in crusher.

Crushers will give you half of the item's actual value when you put something into it.


* When referring to most things, it is not necessary to type out their full names. The commands 'attack goblin'
and 'a go' will be understood identically.